SysteMagicK - Support


If you have problems downloading, installing or using any of our products, please email us at, and we will endeavour to respond to your query as quickly as possible.

When emailing us, please try to include as much information as possible, including:

  • The product the problem relates to.
  • The nature of the problem (e.g. crash, error message, bug, feature request etc).
  • The text of any error message that is displayed (and if available, the text displayed under the 'Details...' section).
  • Dotnet runtime framework version (you can find this out by going to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools; there should be an item listed something like 'Microsoft .NET Framework x.x Wizards', where 'x.x' will be the Dotnet runtime framewrok version).
  • Operating system (including service pack level, if possible; you can usually find this by right clicking the 'My Computer' icon, selecting 'Properties', and examining the 'General' tab).
  • Amount of memory installed.
  • Processor type (e.g. Pentium 4, Athlon etc) and speed.
  • Free disk space.
  • Any actions you have taken that you think may have caused the problem to become apparent.
  • The browser and browser version you are using (particularly for download problems).
  • Any other information that you think may be relevant.