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Are you a web designer? Or a GUI Application programmer? If so, you've probably had to produce graphics for buttons many times in the past.

Button It! was born out of frustration with the tedium of building even a simple web button bar; choosing the style for the button, then producing selected, unseleceted, mouse-over selected and mouse-over unselected versions (potentially in several different size), and then applying the text for each button to each variation, and finally building the HTML either by hand or importing all of the graphics produced into a web development package. Then, when the design for your interface changes, you have to do it all over again... all-in-all, it can be very time consuming, and that's time that you could be using for something more rewarding. Button It! intends to give that time back to you.

Sure, there are other button building programs out there, but none offer the flexibilty and well-tuned workflow offered by Button It!. With Button It!, you work the way you want to; the way that feels natural. A Button It! project contains details of all your button groups (e.g. a group containing equal size 'Load' and 'Save' buttons, or a group containing auto-sized 'Home', 'About', 'Sales', etc), and states applied to those groups (e.g. for selected, mouse over, disabled etc). The states are built from 'variations' (which include 'Invert', 'Lighten', 'Make grey' etc... but you can even create your own variations!). When your main style is updated, all of the different button states are updated with it; recreating all your buttons can be achieved with three clicks of the mouse!

Add to all of that a huge variety of configurable parameters allowing a plethora of styles, along with a large selection of presets (and the ability to import presets from other users), and you get simply the best buttoning software ever.

View our samples page to see some of the wide variety of style that can be created.

Button It! features include:

  • A wide variety of ready-to-use preset styles.
  • All styles completely customisable according to your needs. You can change:
    • the basic style (such a bevelled shapes, metallic shapes, rounded shapes)
    • the button shape
    • the lighting settings (including multiple lights with different colours, position and intensities, the properties of the 'material' the buttons are made of, and the environment).
    • the colour
    • the font
    • the text colour (including colour fades)
    • the text effect (such drop shadow, etched)
    • the text placement
    • the texture
    • wide range of post-processing filters for the button content (i.e. text), the button 'fill' (the rest of the button), and both together.
    • + lots lots more!
  • Buttons can be organised in groups with common properties (for example, one group may contain buttons that are all of the same size, where another may allow the size to vary between buttons).
  • Layout editor that allows you to position buttons within the button bar quickly and easily.
  • Export complete HTML, complete with javascript, using layers or tables according to your needs.
  • Single key press to preview in IE
  • Load and save frequently used button sets (e.g. 'Okay' + 'Cancel', or 'Home', 'About Us', 'Contact Us', etc).
  • Load and save common 'variations' (such as 'Invert button', 'Make lighter', etc).
  • Wide range of image processing facilities
  • Streamlined GUI that enables you to create buttons and button bars in minutes or even seconds.
  • Images can be exported in a variety of image formats, in 24bit or 8bit.
  • Octree optimized palette generation
  • Transparent PNG images supported
  • Runs on Windows 2000, XP, 98, NT, ME
  • Recommended spec: >650MHz CPU, 128Mb RAM

Please note that this product requires the .NET framework redistributable to be installed on your machine. Recent machines may come with this installed. If you do not already have it installed, it can be downloaded free from Microsoft's web site.

Although this is a big download, it will enable you to run any .NET application, and it looks like they are going to become more and more common (Microsoft are pushing .NET technology very strongly). My guess is you are probably going to need it at some point anyway!

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